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Gender roles-No one should feel left out at a party!

Many parts of your life probably do not fit into traditional and/or modern roles. You might be a guy who enjoys ‘girly’ stories . Or a woman who writes, reads and enjoys raunchy comedy. None of this is wrong by itself as long as you aren’t hurting or denigrating people (including yourself). I am sure you all are humans that are much beyond all these silly rules.

I have noticed that people are nowadays quite vocal about how women must be allowed more freedom and choice. Yes, sure! I am all for it. Let us not ignore the men. Patriarchy hurts men as much as women. Expecting them to be macho all the time and calling them pussies or cowards at times when they need support themselves can wreak the society as well. Continue reading



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Cookies and more


It’s cookie time! All I want to do today is show a virtual middle finger to the cultural ideal of beauty, forget all the people who called me fat/weird/dark/short/[insert unsavory comment], (no matter how much niceness it was coated in) and enjoy a big pack of chocolate chip cookies. Everyone may have an ideal in mind. I can only be kind and love what I’ve got. If I really want to make comparisons, I’d rather be like a lioness or an eagle :royal, fierce, high-flying, staying high above the unwanted  stuff, observant, loud and clear, opinionated, sharp, protective of her people and territory and deeply loving at the same time. Tears sometimes hide boiling rage. If a woman loves and respects her anger, I believe the world will become a much better place.


This isn’t a personal attack on anyone. Whoever said this stuff is battling their own demons. This is a result of hundreds of tiny comments that have built up over the years. Continue reading


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