Gender roles-No one should feel left out at a party!

Many parts of your life probably do not fit into traditional and/or modern roles. You might be a guy who enjoys ‘girly’ stories . Or a woman who writes, reads and enjoys raunchy comedy. None of this is wrong by itself as long as you aren’t hurting or denigrating people (including yourself). I am sure you all are humans that are much beyond all these silly rules.

I have noticed that people are nowadays quite vocal about how women must be allowed more freedom and choice. Yes, sure! I am all for it. Let us not ignore the men. Patriarchy hurts men as much as women. Expecting them to be macho all the time and calling them pussies or cowards at times when they need support themselves can wreak the society as well. I wish for people to be able to share their vulnerabilities irrespective of gender. (It does not mean we ditch our responsibilities.) No one is weak because they get sad or overwhelmed. They are taught to be helpless about it, because it wont get them acceptance.

The price of twisting yourself into something  that is outside your design specification is too high, physically, mentally & spiritually. I used to think that guys must be tough all the time. I am still trying hard to change beliefs that are deeply programmed into me. Just how we celebrate ‘different kinds of women’, we must understand and appreciate that each guy is unique too.

I empathise with both the wonderful women and men in my life. Taking sides is simply unthinkable. I believe that one sided empowerment is going to be ineffective. You wouldn’t exercise the muscles in just one of your arms, right?

If you want to have a party, you better as hell make sure nobody feels left out.

This one’s for all the wonderful people in my life irrespective of age, gender and species.

PS: 1) I am not perfect.
2) If, like before, someone says that I am trying to win over some guys’ favour by writing this, I respectfully do not care. Please do not waste my time.
3) Being a jerk is bad whether you are male or female



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