Gender roles-No one should feel left out at a party!

Many parts of your life probably do not fit into traditional and/or modern roles. You might be a guy who enjoys ‘girly’ stories . Or a woman who writes, reads and enjoys raunchy comedy. None of this is wrong by itself as long as you aren’t hurting or denigrating people (including yourself). I am sure you all are humans that are much beyond all these silly rules.

I have noticed that people are nowadays quite vocal about how women must be allowed more freedom and choice. Yes, sure! I am all for it. Let us not ignore the men. Patriarchy hurts men as much as women. Expecting them to be macho all the time and calling them pussies or cowards at times when they need support themselves can wreak the society as well. Continue reading



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Reading addiction


I can imagine some of you chuckling (or groaning) at the title. “But Appu”, you may say, “seriously? How bad can it be?”.  Just a moment please. You may suspect that there might be some addictions that are overlooked, even encouraged and glorified. You are right. This one hits very close to home: reading. Reading is a lifeline. Some of us can inhale books, blogs, the printed foil behind strips of tablets & shoe sizes on soles caked with mud and dung. Continue reading

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